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Down Sprites for RPGM XP by CucumberApples Down Sprites for RPGM XP by CucumberApples
I was looking around the interwebs for some templates of down characters for RPG Maker xp but couldn't find any, so I made some. They are not perfect but I hope that they will be of some use.

Free to use, no need to refer back. But I would love if you let me see what you made!

First 2 rows are adults: 2 on back, 2 on front, 4 on side
the 3rd row has children and fairy
and the last row are animals*

All poses where based on already existing poses in the rtp and *The animals are not of my creation, they belong to the RPGMaker people.
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hethetli Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
xD Thanks!
tomochan1999 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for this awesome base XD
yamina-chan Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, so I'm not the only one who couldn't find much regarding this =D
They're not perfect (as you said) but I think it'll be usefull anyway. Thanks for sharing too.
MeaMeii Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Student General Artist
Was that last comment needed at all
yamina-chan Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
What do you mean? The "Thanks for sharing too." part? If so, then I would say yes, it is needed. The RPG Maker communitiy is what it is, because people are kind enough to share creations with others; so that someone who might lack in one particular skill may still be able to create something nice. =)

And if that is not the bit you were refearing to, then you have me lost here Xb
MeaMeii Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Student General Artist
"They're not perfect (as you said) but I think it'll be usefull anyway."
Instead of stating that so harshly you could've offered constructive critism. If you hadn't the time for it then you shouldn't have even mentioned it.
yamina-chan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ôo That counts as harsh in your book?
I think you read that the opposite way it was meant to be.

Nothing is perfect. And no one is. Heck, I critique my own work to bits because I see the flaws in them.
But not being perfect doesn't mean that can't help, after all. For one, you learn from your own mistakes more then you do from the things you do right and for second, even if someone is able to help you out in a very small way: the fact that they are is allready helpfull and more then you would have had if they had decided to not help because they thought the little they could do would not matter.
"It doesn't matter if it's not perfect, because even if it helps just one person somewhere, it has fulfilled it's use. And it may help a lot of people, even if it is not much." That is what that part of the comment meant, not what you interpreted it to mean.
MeaMeii Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Maybe I interpreted it wrong, but instead of getting in a heated discussion meant to have someone in the wrong and one in the right,
It does sound harsh in my book. Maybe that makes me soft, or whatever you want to argue, but I think perhaps you didn't come to understand how others could construe how you wrote that. Take it as a piece of advice that maybe some people find what you write to be blunt and insensitive. It's hard to read peoples voices when they're written down flatly and read in our own voices. Something to consider. Not argue. :/

In my opinion this was a very nice pack of bases. The direction I had for my test game couldn't give these pieces their deserving glory, but I certainly thought they were nicely done.
yamina-chan Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no intention of arguing XD'

I am known to be a harsh but fair beta-reader for stories, and I always ask for people to be harsh in that regard as well towards my work. This is something I know and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Yet I still fail to see how a sentence that basically said it doesn't need to be perfect to be usefull seems harsh in any way, but as you said: it can be difficult to understand the meaning behind something sometimes. This is true for all forms of communication. Words are a powerfull thing indeed.
The meaning of what I wrote in that comment years ago translates entirely diffrent in my book then it does in yours, it seems, and it puzzles me that there even is something confusing about it in the first place as the meaning is very clear to myself. But that doesn't mean that I don't understand the fact that it could have happened.

In any case, I have learned about your oppinion now. Let us not fill the comment section of this poor deviation any longer. [And no, that is no insult to it either, just refearing to the fact that it wouldn't be fair towards it if the comment section get's filled more with this discussion then with comments in regard to itself Xb]
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